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Free weight loss diet

Free weight loss diet

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You probably heard that in order to lose weight, you need to take in less calories in than your body is burning! Is it as simple as “calories in and calories out” or could there be more to losing weight? If it is as simple as “calories in and calories out”, and in order to lose weight, all you got to do is “eat less, exercise more”, how come over two thirds of the entire population of the country is overweight or obese although almost everybody is aware of the “calories in, calories out” equation?

Weight loss doctor and nurse

Weight loss doctor and nurse

Secret of understanding causes of weight gain

The secret to understanding this to first understand how we evolved. We were hunters and gatherers for millions of years through evolution of the human race which is believed to have inhabited the Earth for over 2 million years. The hunting involved high quality animal protein with a little bit of gathering that provided some fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots etc. which are usually low glycemic and do not have the grains!

Cereal grains humanities double edged sword

However, agriculture came in relatively recently, about 5000-10,000 years ago. If you compare this to the 2 million years that the human race is believed to have been on this planet, the time since agriculture was introduced is relatively small.

Since agriculture involved large scale cultivation of cereal grains, which can be mass produced, dried, and eaten over a long period of time, this has on the one hand revolutionized the human civilization by allowing just a few people to mass produce large quantities of these thereby allowing others to focus on other things such as science, arts, crafts etc. this helping in the advancement of the civilization. However, these cereal grains have significant nutritional deficiencies as outlined in a research paper by Dr. Loren Cordain, founder of the Paleo Diet in his paper called “Cereal grains, humanities double edged sword”.

Nutritional deficiencies of cereal grains

In this paper, Dr. Cordain argues that the cereal grains are nutritionally deficient as they are poor in protein, and also the protein is not balanced meaning one or more of the key essential amino acids is lacking. Our body needs all the essential amino acids before it can utilize these for amino acids for protein building. However, these cereal grains are lacking in one or more of these so you need to get these from other sources to balance the diet. For example, rice is deficient in lysine, an essential amino acid that our body needs, thereby limiting the usefulness of the rest of the amino acids unless you supply lysine through other sources.

Autoimmune problems due to grain based diet

Second, these cereal grains have certain anti nutrients, such as phytols, resorcinols, protease inhibitors etc. that prevent the absorption of many nutrients from the cereal grains as argued in the paper by Dr. Cordain. In this paper, Dr. Cordain also argues that the cereal grains also cause what are called autoimmune problems through a process called “molecular mimicry”. The way it works is this – our immune system can be activated by a molecule from let’s say cereal grains such as the gluten found in cereal grains.

Failed food guide pyramid

Failed food guide pyramid

However, the ingredient from cereal grains, say gluten, has some similarity to another molecule that is normally found in our own tissues due to what is called “molecular mimicry” due to the similarity in the way our immune system perceives it. So, once the immune system is activated, the same immune system not only attacks the “gluten” from the cereal grains, but also part of our body such as the gastrointestinal mucus membrane in this case, leading to an autoimmune problem called Celiac Disease. Many of the auto – immune problems such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc. might have a basis in this, according to this paper by Dr. Cordan.

Cereal grains and insulin resistance

So, the cereal grain based diet, as advocated to be healthy by the failed and not withdrawn food guide pyramid from the United States Department of Agriculture, put us on the wrong path. The cereal grains also have a lot of starch leading to what is called insulin resistance which in turn leads to overeating, a feeling of starvation called metabolic starvation, and therefore overeating leading to weight gain!

Insulin resistance and weight gain

Insulin is a hormone our body produces to use up the sugar from the diet, so basically insulin controls blood sugar. The question is, how does it control blood sugar? Does insulin make blood sugar disappear? It actually controls blood sugar by helping the body to convert the excess sugar in to future source of energy in the form of body fat. In other words, insulin makes you fat! So, the more of the grains you consume (which by food pyramid standards are considered healthy as they are low in fat), the more insulin your body has to produce! The more insulin, more fat building leading to weight gain.

Since cereal grains lead to excess production of insulin, and excess production, along with a sedentary lifestyle, is believed to insulin resistance, in directly, cereal grains contribute to insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance?

Acanthosis nigricans of the neck

Acanthosis nigricans of the neck – sign of insulin resistance!

Insulin resistance, as the name suggests, means that your body is not responding to insulin the same way as it should leading to compensatory increase in insulin levels! Our body can compensate to insulin resistance by increasing the production of insulin. In fact, our body is know to be able to increase the production of insulin by over 10000 percentage points in some people which is a 100 fold increase from basal insulin production! This high amounts of insulin not only promote a lot of weight gain as insulin is pro-fat building, but also lead to difficulty during fat!

Insulin promotes weight gain!

Since insulin’s role is to promote storage, high insulin levels mean that your body is unable to burn fat as long as it is stuck in storage only mode. This leads to a situation called metabolic starvation where your body is unable to use the bodies stores of fat leading to intense hunger, and craving for starchy foods! This is what explains the eating habits.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone, therefore insulin resistance leads to what is called metabolic starvation, overeating, and weight gain, not the other way round!

Stop blaming victim for obesity!

The reason we blame the overweigh or obese is because we were told it is as simple as “calories in calories out” by our esteemed government. Although it is true in the mathematical sense, if you really think about it, our body responds to internal needs and the so called “healthy diet” from the food guide pyramid put us on a path for insulin resistance, which in turn leads to overeating and weight gain through the metabolic starvation. So, on the one hand the government’s failed food pyramid put us on the wrong path of eating grains and get insulin resistant, and on the other hand, they tend to “blame the victim” for overeating when the underlying insulin resistance (caused partly by the wrong recommendations from the food guide pyramid) is what really causes the overeating and not intentional overeating!

Stop blaming the obese for obesity and start understanding what truly is causing your weight gain!

W8MD’s insurance almost free weight loss program

As an evidence based, non-surgical weight loss program that focusses on the clinically proven measures to lose weight under careful medical supervision, and willing to accept most health insurances for weight loss physician visits at most W8MD weight loss centers, with minimal administrative cost of $50.00 on top of insurance that includes up to two weight loss medications if dispensed in office, losing weight under physician supervision without bariatric surgery has never been easier!

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Reviews of weight loss program NYC Philadelphia and NJ

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