Weight loss options

  • What are the free weight loss options?

If you are interested in losing weight, have health insurance, and need professional help in losing weight, you may want to consider the unique W8MD medical weight loss centers of America’s insurance physician weight loss programs.

Lose 20 lbs fast NYC Philadelphia and NJ

Lose 20 lbs fast NYC Philadelphia and NJ

Free weight loss options

The best and most cost effective way to lose weight is to find a weight loss program that accepts your health insurance!

As most W8MD medical weight loss programs accept most health insurances, with minimal administrative cost of $50.00 on top of insurance that includes the weight loss medications when dispensed in office, losing weight with insurance has never been more cost effective!

Unlike the many fad diets, we offer proven measures to lose weight based on evidence based medicine and no fad diets!

We offer both VLCD and LCD diets, FDA approved medications, instructions on exercise, behavior therapy, correction of medical problems causing weight gain, reversal of insulin resistance that contributes to lot of upper body weight gain, correction of sleep problems leading to weight gain and many other proven measures to lose weight under careful physician supervision.

What are LCD diets?

The Low-calorie Diet (LCD) An LCD limits calories, but not as much as a VLCD. A typical LCD may provide „ 1,000–1,200 calories/day for a woman „ 1,200–1,600 calories/day for a man The number of calories may be adjusted based on your age, weight, and how active you are. An LCD usually consists of regular foods, but could also include meal replacements. As a result, you may find this type of diet much easier to follow than a VLCD. In the long term, LCDs have been found to lead to the same amount of weight loss as VLCDs.

What are VLD diets?

A VLCD is a special diet that provides up to 800 calories per day. VLCDs use commercial formulas such as the W8MD medical weight loss centers weight loss meal replacements such as liquid shakes, soups, or bars, which replace all your regular meals. These formulas are not the same as the meal replacements you can find at grocery stores or pharmacies, which are meant to replace one or two meals a day.

  • What are the most effective ways to lose weight fast there to lose weight?

The most effective way to lose weight fast is to first understand what truly is causing your weight gain so you can try to reverse it.

  • What works and what does not for losing weight?

Despite 20,000 books written on this topic, there are only 5 things that truly work for weight loss as noted below.

  • What are the 5 proven ways to lose weight fast in addition to correction of medical problems causing weight gain?
  1. a diet low in calories such as the VLCD or LCD diets „
  2. increased physical activity „
  3. behavior therapy „
  4. prescription weight loss medications „
  5. weight-loss surgery
  • Where can I find a weight loss doctor that accepts my insurance for weight loss physician consultation?

What are the prescription weight loss medication options for weight loss?

For fast weight loss you may want to consider the FDA approved weight loss medications including the new and traditional diet pills when appropriate in addition to a low calorie diet and increased physical activity!