Did you know that one in three people have insulin resistance or are considered prediabetic and another one third have earlier stages of what is called "insulin resistance" that predisposes them to excess weight gain and increased risk of diabetes?   Losing as little as 5-10% of your body weight will help you reduce risks of heart attacks, diabetes and even some cancers.  

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Obesity in Philadelphia &

how to lose weight in Philadelphia

  • What is the rate of obesity in the city of Philadelphia?
  • Does Philly have its share of the epidemic of obesity?
  • What do the statistics on Obesity in Philly speak?
  • Statistics of obesity in Philadelphia?

    Obese woman losing weight

    Obese woman losing weight

Unfortunately, the city of Philadelphia is one of the fattest cities in America.  For example, in the year 2009 among counties containing one of the ten largest cities, Philadelphia had the highest prevalence of hypertension (34.5%) and heart disease (4.5%) the second highest prevalence of diabetes (10.7%) and obesity (29.3%).

How does Philadelphia compare in the nation for obesity?

Philadelphia is the 6th largest urban agglomeration in the United States. The city of Philadelphia itself is home to more than 1.5 million residents while the greater Philadelphia urban agglomeration called Delaware Valley has a population of over 7.1 million people. When it comes to obesity, Philadelphia is one of the fattest cities in America.

Obesity in numbers in Philadelphia, PA

  • Approximately 67.9% of adults in the city and approximately 41% of youth aged 6-17 are overweight or obese.
  • About 70% of youth in North Philadelphia, the majority of whom are black or Hispanic, are overweight or obese, which is nearly double the obesity and overweight rate for youth in the United States.
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption is a challenge for residents, with nearly 25% of youth and 30% of adults getting only one serving or less per day.
  • Approximately 25% of youth do not get sustained physical activity even once a week.

Obesity in Children in Philadelphia

  • As one of the fattest cities in America, in the city of Philadelphia about 40 percent of children are overweight or obese.
  • How to lose weight in Philadelphia fast?
  • What are the secrets of losing weight in Philly?
  • What truly causes weight gain in the city of brotherly love?
  • How do you find the best weight loss program that is right for you in Philadelphia?

Losing weight in Philadelphia step 1

  • Where do you start for losing weight in Philadelphia?
  • With so many fad diets, and so much misinformation, it is hard for the common man to know what really works and what is just a fad diet!
  • Did you know that a recent research study showed up to 90% of all the traditional weight loss related information is proven wrong?
  • How about getting professional help from physicians trained in the new field of obesity medicine?

The first step to losing weight is to first understand where you start with simple and easy to do measures such as knowing your body mass index, waist circumference, what truly might be causing your weight gain and your health risk related to obesity.

What is BMI?

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
Let us say, you know you are a bit overweight or obese in Philadelphia, then what do you do? Where do you start to lose weight in the big apple? Does the distribution of weight matter?

Losing weight in Philadelphia step 2

So, once you know you are overweight or obese, and need to lose some weight. How do you know your health risk related to weight? Are all people with the same BMI at the same health risk? What if I have a lot of muscle mass?

The 2nd thing to do after BMI to determine your health risk is to actually look at your distribution of weight using a simple measure called weight circumference.

Why is it important to know your waist circumference?

Since waist circumference indicates the health risks that come with overweight and obesity, it is important to know waist circumference.

What are the risks of being obese in the middle part of the body?

If most of your body fat is around your waist rather than at your hips, you’re at a higher risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

What is the the waist circumference above which the health risk goes up?

This risk goes up with a waist size that is greater than 35 inches for women or greater than 40 inches for men.

What is the best way to measure your waist circumference?

To correctly measure your waist, stand and place a tape measure around your middle, just above your hipbones. Measure your waist just after you breathe out.

What are the limits for waist circumference in Asians?

It is lower by about 4 cm or roughly about 2 inches in Asians.

Losing weight in Philly step 3

OK, you know you are overweight or obese by the BMI scale, and you know you do have some excess weight in the tummy, and understand that you need to lose some weight in Philadelphia, where do you start to lose weight?

Losing weight in Philly step 4

Is it as simple as calories in and calories out or could there be something more to it?

The oversimplified approach from the Government is and has always been that it is as simple as calories in and calories out. What really translates to is that if you are gaining weight, it is really your fault and that you need to smarten up, eat less and exercise more.

If it is as simple as calories in and calories out, how is it that more than two thirds of all adults are overweight or obese?

What if there is a metabolic reason that explains the weight gain, eating habits, and the distribution of the weight in the upper part of the body? What if that problem is called insulin resistance?

Losing weight in Philly step 5

How do I know if I am insulin resistant? Is there a simple online tool to help me understand my risk of insulin resistance? Introducing the free online insulin resistance calculator from W8MD medical weight loss centers of America.

Losing weight in Philly step 6

So, you checked your BMI, your distribution and some of the potential causes of weight gain including insulin resistance including the free online insulin resistance calculator, what do you do next to lose weight?

  • How do you find a weight loss program in Philly that is right for you?
  • How you do your curb your food cravings, reduce hunger and lose weight?

Losing weight in Philly step 7

Understand how to burn fat, and not burn carbs which is what the body normal burns. So, to understand how to lose weight by losing the fat, and not lose much muscle, you first need to understand the three body fuels – the carbs, fat and protein.

  • When does the body burn fat?
  • What is the process of body burning fat preferentially called?
  • How you do you go in to ketosis?

Losing weight in Philly step 8

  • Does insurance cover the cost of my weight loss physician visits?
  • Where do I find an evidence based physician weight loss program in Philly that accepts my insurance?
  • What are the clinically proven measures to lose weight?
  • Is it better to do low fat or low carb?
  • Which is the best weight loss diet for fast weight loss?

Losing weight in Philly step 9

What about the weight loss diet pills? Are they right for me? Which is the best weight loss diet pill? Which is the safest weight loss diet pill for fast weight loss results?

Losing weight in Philly step 10

How can W8MD medical weight loss centers of America help me lose weight?

What are the locations for losing weight fast in New York City, long Island, NJ, Philadelphia or other places?

What do people say about the popular W8MD medical weight loss program?

Free weight loss tips for losing weight in Philadelphia

  • Set a realist and reasonable weight loss goal of about 1-4 pounds a week depending on your body size, activity levels, and medical conditions under careful medical supervision
  • Understand how portion distortion might lead to weight gain – try not to eat out of the bag or box, or drink straight from the bottle. Always put food on a plate and pour your drink into a glass.
  • Don’t eat in front of the TV or computer. You’re more likely to overeat if your attention is on something else.
  • Never skip breakfast as the old adage goes “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Start the day right with a protein, and not starch.
  • Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Increase physical activity
  • Consult with a W8MD weight loss physician for best and safest weight loss results
  • Consider the clinically proven measures such as LCD and VLCD diet
  • Consider FDA approved diet medications for reducing appetite
  • Reduce eating out as we eat about 40% more while eating out.

How can W8MD medical weight loss centers of America help?

Our physician weight loss programs in the greater Philadelphia area are one of a kind non-surgical weight loss programs that are evidence based, and not a fad diet.

We use clinically proven strategies including the 800-1400 calorie very low calorie diets and low calorie diets, FDA approved diets pills when needed for suppressing hunger, reduce cravings and increase fat burning, instructions on proper exercise, correction of metabolic and other factors contributing to your weight gain all under careful medical supervision.

The best part is that our medical weight loss program ends up being one of the most cost effective ways to lose weight in greater Philadelphia as most of the W8MD medical weight loss centers accept health insurances for weight loss physician visits, and the minimum biweekly program cost on top of insurance is only $50.00 covers up to two weight loss related medications such as the popular Phentermine with Topiramate if dispensed in office.

We have two convenient office locations in greater Philadelphia including north east Philadelphia and King Of Prussia. We serve the following counties and cities in greater Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Camden, NJ Gloucester City, NJ Yeadon, PA Collingswood, NJ Darby, PA Pennsauken, NJ Lansdowne, PA Audubon, NJ Drexel Hill, PA Bellmawr, NJ Cherry Hill, NJ Ardmore, PA Haddonfield, NJ Woodbury, NJ Springfield, PA, West Norriton, PA Norristown, PA East Norriton, PA Phoenixville, PA Broomall, PA Ardmore, PA West Chester, PA Willow Grove, PA Woodlyn, PA

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We are pleased to announce that the popular W8MD’s Weight Loss Centers of America’s physician weight loss program is now available at Dr. Rahman’s W8MD Weight Loss Center, West Hempstead

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Free weight loss tips

Free weight loss tips

As you might already be aware, being overweight or obese comes with significant health risks! Over 50 different medical problems including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, mood disorders, osteoarthritis, and even some types of cancers such as those of gastrointestinal or genitourinary system are related to being overweight or obese.

  • Why should one lose weight?
  • Are there health risks associated with being overweight obese?

Being overweight or obese individuals are at increased risk for many diseases, such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

W8MD protein supplements for fast weight loss

W8MD protein supplements for fast weight loss

So, where do you start to lose weight quickly?

Are there some free weight loss plans or free weight loss diets that I can try?

Before attempting to lose weight or choosing the right weight loss program for you, you may want to first understand your health risks.

  • How do you know if you are overweight or obese?
  • Is there a simple and easy way to know your health risk without expensive medical testing?

The simple and easy way to know your risk is to determine your Body Mass Index, also known as BMI along with a waist circumference, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, a leading weight loss doctor and founder of the popular W8MD medical weight loss centers of America.

Body Mass Index or BMI

  • BMI is a measure of your weight compared to your height. BMI can help adults determine whether they are at a healthy weight.
  • BMI calculations don’t work as well for people who are extremely muscular, very tall, or very short.
  • Overall, BMI is a good indication of healthy weight for the majority of the adult population.
  • BMI does not measure body fat.
  • BMI is a quick and easy measure that can give you an idea of your weight status.

Research has shown that BMI is often similar to body fat levels although for more accurate results, a body composition analysis or DEXA scan might be needed to assess percentage body fat.

Free weight loss diet

Free weight loss diet

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

There are many online tools available to determine your BMI. OK, you went online, found out you are overweight or obese, and decided to lose some weight. Now, what?

  • Where do you find the best weight loss program?
  • Are there any free weight loss programs?
  • Are there any weight loss programs that have physician trained in this field so I know what works and what is a fad diet for losing weight?

With over 20,000 books written on this topic, I am a bit confused on what is proven and what is considered a fad diet.

Understand the clinically proven measures to lose weight fast.

Obesity is treated using one or more of these 5 clinically proven weight loss measures: „

  1. a diet low in calories called very low calorie diets or low calorie diets
  2. „increased physical activity along with a reduced calorie diet (exercise alone is not very useful as it builds heavier muscle and makes you hungrier)
  3.  behavior therapy for weight loss „
  4. diet pills or prescription weight loss medications „
  5. bariatric or weight loss surgery

Some useful free weight loss tips 

Weight loss diet pills

Weight loss diet pills

  • Healthy habits may help you lose weight.
    Make healthy food choices.
  • Half of your plate should be fruits and veggies.
  • Eat small portions.
  • Use a smaller plate, weigh portions on a scale, or check the Nutrition Facts label for details about serving sizes.
  • Build exercise into your daily life.
  • Garden, go for family walks, play a pickup game of sports, start a dance club with your friends, swim, take the stairs, or walk to the grocery store or work.
  • Combined, these habits may be a safe, healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.

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